Pretty Disturbed | Virtual Reality
Pretty Disturbed aka Elina Vartiainen is a freelance motion graphics designer, game artist and a VJ who loves street art, VR and designer toys & characters.
Pretty Disturbed, motion graphics, art toy, designer toy, urban art, 360 video, character design, VJ, VR, vjing
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Virtual Reality


VR is a lot of fun! I started out with 360 videos but now my focus has shifted to game engine -based experiences.  Here are a few still images from a VR experience I created together with sound designer Suvi-Eeva Äikäs. It’s 10 minutes, made with Unity and although it’s not visually quite what I would like to achieve, I’m damn proud of it anyway. Cause I did it without a developer. And I can’t write a single line of code, even if my life depended on it.


Here you can view also my previous project, a full-animated 360 video called Subconscious.