Pretty Disturbed | About Me
Pretty Disturbed aka Elina Vartiainen is a freelance motion graphics designer, game artist and a VJ who loves street art, VR and designer toys & characters.
Pretty Disturbed, motion graphics, art toy, designer toy, urban art, 360 video, character design, VJ, VR, vjing
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Hi there!


I’m a freelance motion graphics designer who loves lowbrow art, virtual reality and designer toys. I’ve worked for television, creative agencies and even been an artist in a mobile game development team. I’m specialised in vector graphics and svg and have passion for designing funny characters.


Since attending Virtual reality filmmaking workshop in Aalto Media Factory I’ve been pretty much obsessed with virtual reality. VR art installations that mix 2D, 3D, video and drawings are my main interest at the moment. I want to create visually striking spatial installations that combine elements from art, games and films.


Lately I’ve also been super enthusiastic about making my own game concepts (for mobile devices and VR). I’m constantly looking for inspiring and fun people with whom to collaborate, make art and games and invent something new.